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Monday 21 January 2019

Happy New Year...

Hi there folks,

Sorry I've not been about recently, I've been quite poorly. Came down with the flu at Christmas, followed by a chest infection, conjunctivitis and needless to say had a bad 'fibro' flare up too! Two loads of antibiotics plus my usual meds...It's the worst I've been...Could have had a better start to the new year!!

Still not great but getting there thankfully... Roll on the better weather!

I hope that you all had a wonderful time over the festive season and that 2019 brings you health, wealth and happiness!!!

I'm looking forwards to get back into my crafting again, been sorely missed!! 

Crafty Hugs


  1. Oh poor you Donna you have been through it during the festive season. I do hope you feel better soon. Take care. Hugs Jackie

    1. Awe thanks so much Jackie, yes it's been dreadful, what with the house move then this...thankfully starting to feel better!
      Hugs Donna xx